Not many people know that prior to prohibition, Los Angeles was the premier appellation for grape growing and winemaking in all of California. Its temperate Mediterranean climate made it an ideal location for growing fruity, lush, richly-colored grapes.

In 1919, the LA wine industry was jolted by the Volstead Act, which started Prohibition in America. Then in 1933, following the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression, nearly all 100 wineries of Los Angeles were shut down for good.

Nikki and Michael planted their vineyard in 2009, which is nestled between two microclimates. One side gets the cool breeze from Malibu and the early morning marine layer while the other side gets the warmer weather.

Their passion for exceptional viticulture combined with the expertise of winemaker B. Alan Geddes has allowed them to create remarkable wines, such as their 92-point Gold Medal Merlot and 95-point Double Gold Medal Cabernet Sauvignon at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Needless to say, they are bringing great pride and respect back to Los Angeles winemaking.
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